Terms and Conditions of Sale

  • As a new owner of a puppy you must ensure your puppy is registered straight away with a reliable vets.
  • We would always recommend that you insure your puppy with a good and reputable company ready for when you collect your puppy.
  • Should any problems arise in the future we will always be here to offer advice and support should you need it.
  • Your puppy has had a minimum of their first vaccination, vet health check and microchip before leaving Lorton Cockapoos.
  • You have 5 days from your collection date to ensure your puppy is checked over with your own registered vet to ensure you are happy with the health of the puppy. This period will not be extended under any circumstances. We would always suggest the sooner the better as if a serious health problem was found and you need to return your puppy, you have had less time to bond.
  • It is your responsibility as the new owner of the puppy to keep your pets microchip details up to date throughout the dogs life
  • Should any health problems arise at the vet health check you will be informed prior to collection.
  • Should the puppy require their second vaccination at Lorton Cockapoos this is an extra cost to the new owner of £25, which will be due as cash upon collection of the puppy.
  • The puppy has had the option to stay with us for their second vaccination and to complete their incubation period and if it is agreed for the puppy to leave earlier, it is then the owners’ responsibility to complete these.
  • Should you choose to collect your puppy after 8 weeks of age it will be at the cost of £10 per night that the puppy stays after 8 weeks of age and this is due as cash upon collection of the puppy.
  • Should you ever need to rehome your puppy/dog we will be contacted first however no refund can be offered. You must not rehome your puppy to anyone else without our consent.
  • Should you need to return your puppy at any point, any costs will be at the new owners expense. E.g. Travel and time costs. This must also be done at a mutually agreed time and date.
  • Should you need to return your puppy to us, it is your responsibility to change their microchip details back to us prior to bringing the puppy back. They must also return with everything they left with including all paperwork. Should the dog have been out of our care for longer than a week then you must also get a certificate of health from your vet for us too.
  • Your puppy is sold as a pet only. You hold no rights to breed from your dog and in doing so you will be breeching this contract. We will also not offer any advice or support for breeding.
  • Although we do not allow for you to breed from your dog we do not insist that your dog is spayed/castrated as this decision should be based on the health of your pet.
  • Any paperwork given to you from Lorton Cockapoos is for yourself only. Any form of sharing (including showing other people the paperwork or giving copies away) will be in breech of this contract.
  • Puppies will always be sold as the colour they are at the time but they can go lighter or darker. We will not be held responsible for this.
  • A deposit placed on any puppy is non-refundable should you not be able to visit and is only refundable on your 5 week visit should you not be happy with the puppy.
  • Should you not be able to visit us prior to collecting a puppy this is the owners decision and will not affect our status in any way, as we would always prefer that you do visit your puppy at 5 weeks.
  • Should you not be able to visit at 5 weeks you understand that your deposit is completely non-refundable at any point.
  • We reserve the right to refund your deposit at any point if we feel you are not suitable for one of our puppies.
  • You must not overstay your allocated visiting time. This is in the best interest for the health of the puppies.
  • You must not handle any other puppy but your own. We do not want to risk any harm to someone else’s puppy.
  • You must not bring friends to your viewing appointment without our prior agreement.
  • We will not tolerate any sociably unacceptable behaviour or violence and you will be asked to leave immediately if we feel intimidated at any point.
  • You must respect our family home and do not wonder around anywhere. Please just knock on the door and wait.
  • We will only accept cash upon collection at 8 weeks. Should your puppy be remaining in our care until 12 weeks then the remaining balance is due via bank transfer on or before 8 weeks of age. It is your responsibility to check with us regarding all payments and you must not send any money without our prior knowledge/agreement.
  • We no longer take £50, £100 or any Scottish notes for any payment.
  • We will not take a bank transfer upon collection or without prior agreement.
  • We will not at any point take a cheque, credit or debit card or paypal payment.
  • Although Lorton Cockapoos have raised your puppy with the best of care, the new owner is aware that dogs can get ill at any point and it is your responsibility to ensure you can care for your pets needs for life.
  • Lorton Cockapoos are not responsible for any veterinary bills for your puppy after collection unless prior agreement has been made.
  • Our social media pages will be used for updates and to keep in touch with us only. They can not be used to contact other people about siblings, meet ups or to discuss our dogs.
  • You will not share your puppies DOB or AGE on ANY social media pages or in public. This includes birthday posts.
  • You must not use other social media pages or online forums to discuss our dogs, our location or your puppy’s siblings.
  • Our location, name and our pictures must not be shared on any social media pages or online.
  • Any photographs/videos taken at or by Lorton Cockapoos will not be shared publically or on any social media sites to keep our dogs safe.
  • You must not take videos at Lorton Cockapoos unless mutually agreed. This includes taking pictures in our drive/car park.
  • Do not try to take pictures or videos of myself unless I agree to do so.
  • Any form of slandering Lorton Cockapoos on social media/online or in person to others will have legal action taken against them.
  • Our address will not be shared with anyone under any circumstances to keep our dogs safe.
  • Recommendations must only be made by sharing our details that are already public e.g. website, mobile number, email address or social media pages.
  • Other dogs can not be brought onto our premises to meet puppies as it imposes a high risk of infection. Please arrange suitable care for your dog whilst visiting our premises as no dog will be allowed out of the car for a walk for infection control purposes.
  • Should you choose to take advice from other social media pages these will be done so at your own risk. We would only recommend you take advice from your vet, breeder or groomer.

Signed: __________________________________________________ New owner.


Name:  __________________________________________________


Signed: ___________________________________________________ Breeder


Name: ___________________________________________________


Date signed:       ______ / ______ / ____________


Collection date:   ______ / ______ / ____________


Breed of dog:   _______________________________   Colour: ____________________

Dogs DOB:       ______ / ______ / ___________   Gender: M / F

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