When leaving a deposit on any puppy bred at Lorton Cockapoos you must ensure that you agree with the following policies and procedures. Upon reservation you will be in automatic agreement with our terms and conditions and our policies and procedures.

Booking and Payment Policy

When a litter becomes available we will e-mail you with the news of our new arrivals, if you are on our waiting list. This will include the colours and genders, date of birth, visiting dates, collection dates, details of parents and any health testing. Following this e-mail it is then your responsibility to e-mail us back (not ring or text) should you wish to reserve a puppy of your chosen colour and gender. Deposits will be taken on a first come first serve basis so you must e-mail back as we will not be able to track texts and calls on a first come first serve basis at the same time.

By asking to reserve a puppy it is important that you have considered all aspects of owning a dog for life. Please do not reserve a puppy if you even have the smallest doubt about going ahead. A deposit is £250 and this is payable via bank transfer/cash. This then provides you with a traceable log of where your money is sent. We will also send confirmation via e-mail that we have received the funds. Any deposit placed on a puppy is only refundable on your 5-week visit day. It is not refundable at any other point under any circumstances e.g. should you change your mind or should your circumstances change. Should you choose the option of a video at 5 weeks rather than visiting then any deposit placed will be non-refundable at any point. Your decision as to if the puppy is right for you etc should be made during your visit, not afterwards.

Upon collection of your puppy payment will only be taken as cash upon collection. Please check with us as to how the remaining balance is required and when it is required as it is dependent upon when you are planning to collect.

Please note – we do not take cheques, credit or debit card payments or paypal transfers at any point.

On the odd occasion that we have a puppy aged 5 weeks or older that can be viewed before reserving, a deposit of £250 would be required in cash on your visit if you are happy with the puppy and parents etc. We will not hold a puppy whilst you go home to do a bank transfer as we have turned down great homes before now and never received the deposit that was agreed.


Puppies over 8 weeks

The remaining payment for any puppy is due when they are 8 weeks of age. We offer to keep all our puppies until 12 weeks of age. This can be beneficial to those who have a holiday pre-booked or a family event/occasion. It might also be beneficial if your preference is to be able to take a older, slightly bigger puppy to help with training, or should you prefer to collect your puppy when they can go straight out for walks (especially if you live in an inner town area and have limited back garden space). When keeping a puppy longer than 8 week of age this will be charged at £10 per night for their keep, continued socialisation and food etc. Should they require their second vaccination with us this will be an extra charge of £25. The cost of their keep and their second vaccination will be due in cash upon collection of your puppy on the agreed date and time.


Visiting Policy

As a small family business, time here is limited. We do not have staff as we aim to give you a personal experience and not a commercialised experience. When arranging your 5-week visit we will agree a time and date together. Your appointment slot will be up to 45 minutes long and must not be exceeded. This is to give the puppies time to rest and re-cooperate before the next family visits their puppy. It is not fair to have the puppies at such a young age awake for continued hours as it is both exhausting and puts them at risk of becoming ill. Upon your visit you are able to handle your puppy ONLY and must not pick up any other puppy. This time should be used to ask any further questions you may have, meet parents and it will also give us the chance as a breeder to ensure the puppy is right for your family. We also reserve the right to refund your deposit should we feel the puppy is not right for you, or move your deposit onto a different breed/puppy if it would be better suited to you and your family. Please leave plenty of time to arrive on time to your appointment. If you’re late this time will be deducted from your appointment, as it will have a knock on effect to the rest of the day. Equally, please do not arrive early as the puppies will either have another family visiting them or will be having their rest between families. Should you be early you must not pull up and wait on our premesis and must find somewhere local to stay e.g. a cafe. Although we have a large premesis we nly have a couple of allocated parking spaces and need clear access through at all times for farm vehicles.

Unfortunately we do not allow people to come and meet parents prior to a litter being born. Our dogs are very much loved and we will not treat them like petting zoo animals. We also will not put mum under the unnecessary stress of having to meet with strangers whilst being pregnant. Both parents can and will always be viewable on your 5-week visit.

We do not allow for the opportunity for you to come and see our set up and have a chat about going on our waiting list. Our preferred way of doing this is via e-mail so there is a written log of answering your questions to prevent any confusion later on. Our visits are also done in our home so before any one is invited into our home we like to know who you are and get some information about you for our own safety.

Due to our viewings being in our home, we ask for you to please respect this and our privacy by asking you not to wonder round. This is also important as we have horses and they might bite or kick.

Should you not be able to make the 5-week visit, or if it is difficult to visit due to the distance, we can offer a video of the litter and pictures of your puppy instead. It must however be noted that even at this point we will not send pictures or a video of mum and dad out at this point due to the issues we have had with puppy farmers and puppy scams. In this scenario, you can meet mum and dad upon collecting your puppy. However, this choice is made only by yourself and we will not be held responsible for any repercussions, as we always prefer that you meet us and the puppies at the 5 week visit.

We will not allow you to visit your puppy prior to them being 5 weeks due to the high risk of infection and the stress that it can cause to the mother by having visitors. We can’t offer any second visits after 5 weeks of age.


Collection date

You will need to agree a collection date and time with us upon reserving. This ensures that we are available when you would like to collect and also ensures that we know if the puppy is staying longer, and if we need to book a vets appointment for their second vaccination. Upon collection we will go through all your paperwork. We can answer any questions and re-assure any nerves before you leave us. This appointment takes approximately 30 minutes or less.


Buyers rights

Within the first 5 days of collecting your puppy we recommend that you get your puppy vet checked by your own vet. Should a fault/problem arise that will have detrimental affects on the puppy as a family pet then we will offer a full refund upon return of the puppy. We will not offer a part refund for any problems. Upon return, the puppy must have a full written medical report from your qualified veterinarian. This must state that the problem is pre-existing prior to collection and that it will be detrimental to the puppy as a family pet. The puppy must be returned within a week from the veterinary visit date along with the report for a full refund. It will be your responsibility to change the pets microchip ownership back into our details prior to bringing the puppy back. The puppy must also come back with a complete folder of original paperwork that they left us with. Any additional expenses including the vets bill or fuel costs etc. will not be covered by us. Should a problem arise when your puppy is vet checked with us by our own vet, you would be informed about this. Should the problem be detrimental to the puppy as a family pet then a refund or another puppy will be offered.


Rehoming policy

Should you need to re-home your puppy at any point during the dogs life we will always have them back. Any expense occurred whilst returning your puppy/dog is at the owners’ expense. Notice must be given prior to returning the puppy to ensure that we are available/around to meet you. No refund will be offered should you need to rehome your puppy.

From the date and time in which you return your puppy/dog we will give you 72hours to ensure that you have made the right decision. Should you not return for your puppy/dog after the 72 hours then the puppy will be put up for re-homing. Should you decide to collect your puppy/dog again then there will be a cost of £25 per night for their keep. No refund will be offered should you need to re-home your puppy/dog. Upon return of the puppy/dog – all the paperwork that was originally given to you must be returned. Their microchip must be signed/changed into our details. Any additional paperwork such as proof of castration/spaying, medical reports, worming/de-fleaing charts etc. must also be returned. We would also suggest that you bring a familiar toy/blanket or their favourite bed as it will be a stressful period for the puppy/dog as well as for you and this will help them settle.

We will then spend time assessing the puppy/dog and ensuring he/she is healthy before we re-home. This will ensure that we can find a suitable home for your puppy/dog. We also have the experience to vet a new home properly before agreeing to let him/her go.

Before this decision is made you might want to talk to us to discuss your options and to see if we can offer support/advice to ensure that the puppy/dog can stay with you. This decision should not be taken lightly as it is not only disheartening for the family but for the puppy/dog too.



Despite our best efforts and carefully selected breeding program, no puppy can be guaranteed to be completely hypoallergenic. Should you or a family member have allergies it must be carefully researched and taking on a puppy is done so at your own risk. Should you need to re-home your puppy due to allergies we will not be able to offer a refund under these circumstances.

Due to our location we are not able for you to meet to see if you are allergic to a puppy/certain breed. We have also got horses, which includes having hay, shavings and a lot of dust right on our doorstep. As well as this we own our cocker spaniels and cavaliers that are not a hypoallergenic breed. Therefore, visiting to test your allergies will not give you a fair judgment as to what you have reacted to, should a reaction occur.

What we can try to arrange is for you to meet an adult dog that we have breed in your preferred breed, hopefully local to you, so that you can test for an allergic reaction. Again, despite this there could still be a chance that you could react to a different puppy of the same breed so the decision to home a puppy should not be taken lightly. It might be a requirement for medication to be taken to enable you to live with a puppy until your body builds up an immune system strong enough to not have a reaction to the dog. This however must be a decision taken by you and/or the individual involved. We will not be responsible for this decision.

Please ensure that you do not reserve a puppy just to view and see if you have a reaction as you could potentially be holding a puppy that will then have to find a new home in a limited time frame.



Please note our drive way and access to our surrounding fields must be kept clear at ALL times. Please drive down towards the house and park your car opposite our sand paddock right up close to the hedges.  Do not park on the cobbled areas (drive or in front of stables) and a clear pathway wide enough for tractors must be left from the entrance gate up to the field gate (near the house). If unsure when you arrive please ask and we will help. Do not block any access to any gates or buildings. Please do not park anywhere else as we have had our property damaged by people failing to park in the correct place and we are given our parking spaces by our council to adhere to.


Health Testing

We pride ourselves on our health testing. All the relevant DNA tests for the breed specifics are done on all our dogs. This means that all our poodles are DNA PRA clear and our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are DNA DE, EF and CC clear. We have some cocker spaniels that are also DNA PRA and FN clear too. You will receive a copy of dads DNA PRA certificate however we never give copies of mums paperwork away as we do not sell for breeding purposes. Should you then choose to breed anyway you would be breeding irresponsibly and could be interbreeding and putting health problems back into the gene pool.

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