Is a Cockapoo puppy right for you?

The Cockapoo is a very popular breed now with its loveable and trainable personality and with their gorgeous low shedding coat they make amazing family pets.

A Cockapoo puppy is a cross breed between a Cocker Spaniel (Mum) and a Poodle (Dad).

A Cockapoo can be either from a English show type Cocker Spaniel, a working type Cocker Spaniel or an American Cocker Spaniel and can be crossed with a Toy Poodle or a Miniature Poodle. A standard Poodle is too big to cross with a Cocker Spaniel as it will cause complications during the birth.

An English show type Cocker Spaniel measure up to approx 15-16 inches in height and weight approx 13-15kg.

A working type Cocker Spaniel average at the same height and weight as the English show type Cocker Spaniel however they tend to have a shorter coat and less pendulous ears as they are bred for field work where as the show Cocker is bred for conformation and the show ring.

An American Cocker Spaniel is slightly smaller approx 14-15 inches in height to the shoulder and weighing an average of 11-13kg. Their head is more domed shaped and their muzzle is shorter.

All Cocker Spaniels are sturdy dogs, very affectionate and love children. They are very outgoing and make excellent companions.

A Miniature Poodle is approximately 10-15inches in height and weights on average weight 8-14kg.

A Toy Poodle is up to 10 inches in height and weigh on average 4-8kg.

Therefore the size of a Cockapoo depends on which type of Cocker Spaniel and Poodle they are mated with.

We breed F1 generation Cockapoos. These are the first cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle (50% Cocker Spaniel and 50% Poodle). Cockapoos are a low shedding breed and are therefore good for allergy sufferers. They have a lovely loose curly to tight curly coat that is long and soft. They can be clipped/trimmed to the length and look that you prefer.

We occasionally have a litter of F1B Cockapoos. These are a Cockapoo put back to a Poodle (25% Cocker Spaniel and 75% poodle). These are generally better for allergy sufferers as they have more poodle in them. They tend to have a fleecier and more curlier coat than the F1.

Our most common choice of mating is an English show type cocker spaniel x miniature poodle. This creates a nice sized, well proportionate medium sized dog along with the calmer temperament of the show type cocker spaniel to suit the needs of a family pet most. Occasionally we will have a litter from a working cocker spaniel to create a more biddable and highly trainable cockapoo. We do not breed toy cockapoos as we find them to be a bit disproportionate in size and the height of a mature toy cockapoo can be deceiving as they can still make the size of the cocker spaniel, therefore not necessarily achieving a smaller dog.

They are great family dogs; energetic, tactile and loyal to their family. They are great with children and will keep your children and yourselves entertained for hours on end. They are better suited to older children that are able to give them attention and fuss. They can be bouncy until approximately 2 years of age, therefore are better suited not living in a home with young or shy children as they can be too bouncy for them – although they wouldn’t hurt or cause harm to any child. They generally love water and playing and are often a brilliant breed for agility, flyball and obedience classes.

They are a very sociable breed and are very intelligent. They love to be occupied and have stimulation. They are eager to please, sturdy and friendly, making them a good choice as a companion.

We sometimes have Cockapoo puppies available for sale. If you have any questions about the breed or our availability please don’t hesitate to contact us on our contact page.

If we don’t have the right Cockapoo puppy for you currently we are more than happy to add you to our waiting list and keep you updated until your perfect family member comes along.

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